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Billie Standish was Here is Nancy Crocker’s first novel. I have been reading this book over and over again and I just can’t put it down. It very well could be the most amazing book in the world. (my own opinion). I have read finished the 280 page book this month. I have also read about 30 pages of another book called Knight to the Hill Country so I have met the requirements for the month of March.

Billie Standish was Here is a story about a girl who has no friends except for an old lady across the street; Miss Lydia. Billie, who was “suppose” to be a boy according to her parents, spends all day, everyday with Miss Lydia. Cooking, cleaning, and crocheting. But the most important thing they do is learn.

As a twelve year old girl, Billie learned the hard way that not everyone is as nice as they look. Curtis for example, who is Miss Lydia’s son, raped little Billie. When Miss Lydia found out, she…. Ended Curtis…. She told police that she shot him because she thought he was an thief. Then they had to worry about whether Billie was pregnant or not.

Miss Lydia took Billie to the doctor to find out if she had a baby inside of her. They ended up losing the test so they had to wait to see if she was. She ends up not being pregnant.

For me, this story shows that sometimes, it’s the least expected people who are there for you the most. This story really does a great job of showing the reader that. I would recommend this book to anyone. It really hit my heart and it will yours too.

Nancy Crocker: The author of Billie                    A photo of an old lady and a young girl

Standishwas Here.                                                  hugging. They probably have a

relationship like Miss Lydia and Billie.


This month I read the novel Billie Standish was Here by Nancy Crocker. This book has 280 pages. I really liked this this book and would recommend it to anyone.

Billie Standish was Here is about a girl named Billie and an elderly woman who end up being best friends. She never really had anyone in her life until Miss Lydia. She has no friends and her parents were always to busy  paying attention to themselves. So Lydia is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

But when everything begins to fall, can Lydia still be there for Billie? This is a book for everyone. I enjoyed reading this and anyone else would as well