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Things People Carry

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Letters

Dear Word Press,

As you know, people carry a lot with them. In there pockets, purses, hands, but most importantly hearts. You can only carry so much though. Sometimes you have to put somethings down to pick up knew ones. People carry anger or hostility. Others might carry happiness or compassion. But no matter what they hold they’re limited.

Like a soldier at war, one can only carry so many things. Guns, grenades, knifes, clothes, food, water and helmets. Just a small list. But these men and woman also carry courage, drive, and pride. Some carry things they shouldn’t such as shame, regret, and fear. When a soldier is done out of ammo they either get more or pick up another one. It’s the same way with intangible items. People might have to get rid of one but they always get a new one.

Whether your at war or not, you can still carry all these things. I am a person who people might see carrying each one of these one time or another. But they always find a new one to carry.


Keegan Cunningham